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Dr.Mohammad Kermani : Why does eating watermelon cause obesity?

In our community, it is typical for many people to overeat watermelon fruit in summer, and one of the public’s mistaken thoughts is that this fruit contains only water, and it is not a problem to be overeaten!

Dr.Mohammad Kermani acknowledges that precaution is necessary when eating watermelon because one kilogram of pure watermelon contains 230 calories, equal to 55 grams of fat. After all, the body automatically converts fructose into fat.

Professor Robert H. Lustig is a neurologist in pediatrics and obesity. Dr. Lustig became famous for confirming that fructose has damaging and detrimental effects on human health, especially if consumed in large quantities in children. On May 26, 2009, Dr. Lustig delivered a talk entitled “Sugar: The Bitter Truth.”

This means that food glucose is compatible with the human body, while fructose shows resistance and is converted into fat. If a person consumes excess fructose for six days, his blood tests will prove that the triglycerides in their body have been doubled! This requires that people who eat fruit should pay close attention to the need to control the amount of what they eat.

Fructose in watermelon and its conversion into fat

In response to the discrepancies between studies in the present day and what has been mentioned above, Dr. Kermani remarks that the recent research of the day proves that the rules of the diet are variable, and the modern scientific experiments discredit the deception that fruit sugar is better and healthier.

Therefore, Dr.Mohammad Al-Kermani  through the drkermanidiet website states that you should care about the amount of watermelon consumption and not fall prey to the common nutritional mistakes about this fruit because moderation in the consumption of all foods is vital.





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