Here’s how Elmar Rassi built his personal brand and became an entrepreneur to look up to. In addition we talk about his “Breaking Rules” Tour!


The wise say that wisdom lies in helping the self, first. However, entrepreneur Elmar Rassi thinks otherwise. Elmar Rassi is a refugee-turned-entrepreneur who dares to dream big not just for himself, but also for others.

Elmar was born amidst a background of conflict and turmoil. All through his years of growing up, he had to slice through the treacherous upstream current. This has made him appreciate a culture of dependency. Today, he has dedicated his life to strengthen this culture. His life’s motto is to help others.

Elmar truly values the help he got as an immigrant. He remembers the generosity he received, and today he shows his gratitude by helping others.  To carry out this duty, Elmar has gone digital. He creates online content on personality building and business growth strategies, and provides training for aspiring entrepreneurs through his online academy.

Elmar’s story of rags to riches gives us an insight into the kind of man he is. He believes in the larger-than-life image to bring about a change in the world. Most of Elmar’s clients are budding entrepreneurs who just cannot wait to reach for the stars. Elmar leads his flock by shining his brilliance on their path. His academy offers assorted lectures on how to deliver a convincing motivational speech.

To achieve his current position, Elmar has had to work hard on learning the rules of the social media ecosystem. With professional help, Elmar created an online image of himself through which he shares his story of transformation – from being a virtual ‘nobody’ to becoming ubiquitous in the online space.

Elmar offers a range of live-happy tips to his clients. From business ideas to life hacks, he supplies a free-flow of positivity that inspires his students. Elmar also creates YouTube videos where he gives pep-talks in the German language. He interviews his peers on his channel as well.

“How is he able to do all this?” we ask, “where does he find inspiration?” To this, he answers, “Sometimes, I don’t know what I’m feeling. Sometimes, I say things that I later regret. Sometimes, I have the feeling that I no longer have any strength. Sometimes, I suppress everything, but at some point, it catches up with me again. Sometimes, I get mad at myself. Sometimes, I want to be alone and then again, I don’t. Sometimes, I feel so lonely. Sometimes, I need time for myself. Sometimes, I think about the people I love and remember I need to be strong. Sometimes, I laugh even though my soul is crying. And yet, I never let myself get down. Because you will always have enough strength to do the right thing, but never enough energy to maintain the wrong thing. Because nothing draws more energy than ignoring the voice of your heart over and over again!”
Very inspiring!

And what about your upcoming show?
“Together with Katharina Boger (singer/songwriter) I will go on “Breaking Rules” tour.
And this gonna be crazy. We plan a show that combines great music, entertainment, education and illusion with a thinking out of the box as a recurring theme. I promise our all-in-one entertainment show will leave a deep impression on your mindset.”

Just more than two years since pandemic began Elmar is glad to be performing live again. And we wish him best of luck and a great “Breaking Rules” tour!





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