Paving Her Own Path To Incredible Success, Make Way For Self-Made Instagram Influencer Tasnim Dawjee. – Casey Weekly


She confesses that she hustled her way to the top after fulfilling her family responsibilities and relentlessly working each day.

Among the many success stories that we hear about today, which mostly consist of various men making it huge in their respective careers, it is surreal to learn and read more about how women have been taking over almost all businesses and industries today. We are living in a modern-day world filled with self-made success stories of women who have broken norms and have paved their own path to success in industries of their choice. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such incredible talent in the influencer world named Tasnim Dawjee, who believed in her visions and then went ahead in fulfilling all of them.

Born on 18th December 1996 in Cape Town, South Africa, and now based in Dubai, Tasnim Dawjee is an exceptional IG influencer who has already made her mark as a one-of-a-kind fashion enthusiast. Her years of commitment to the niche and her quest to reach the top of the industry, thriving off of her passion for fashion and her dedication to her work, led her to not just become a part of the fiercely competitive industry but also attain her desired success in unimaginable ways. Tasnim Dawjee confesses how she belonged to humble family background, and it was only after her years of hustling and relentlessly working towards her goals that she could become the influencer she aspired to be, with a closet filled with Louis Vuitton handbags, Christian Dior, and other designer wear.

Moreover, she goes ahead in mentioning how she comes from a big family consisting of 10 members, seven siblings, and parents, who always struggled financially and had to give it their all to make ends meet, even for a meal together. Hence, she started working at the age of 8, doing multiple jobs. She did all house chores while working outside to earn money and even looked after her family members. However, all this only made her stronger and helped her become the success story she is today.

Tasnim Dawjee (@tasnimdawjee), who has stunned people with her content on social media in beauty, fashion, travel, and lifestyle has indeed come a long way and inspires many women out there across the world.





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