Sinan ezam

Sinan ezam says about Iranian rap:

Persian rap is a form of music called rap, which is sung in Persian.

Although this style of music is mainly influenced by the American rap style, it does not have all its features and some of its features do not exist in American rap.

Persian rap was formed in Iran in the late 1370s and many singers are active in this style underground and illegally.

[1] In Iran, rap singers use this tool to protest their social, political and cultural problems.

Of course, different people with different goals and intentions are engaged in writing poetry in such a format.

[2] It tends towards popular music.

Music is included in a specific style according to the way it is performed, the type of instruments used in the piece, the type of words and the way words and poems are performed, the content and themes of the piece, and so on.

These differences in the parts have led to the emergence of different styles. One of the most popular styles from the past to the present is rap style.

Rap music is actually a verbal and spoken music that is accompanied by rhythm and song and has a fast beat. In addition to being an art and music, rap is a way for young people to protest.





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