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Mahdi Novin: What is the difference between rap music and hip hop?Mahdi Novin Artist Name NovinMob

If you are familiar with the styles of music in the world, you have probably felt many times that rap and hip hop are no different.Mahdi Novin Artist Name NovinMob

Or maybe you have a question, what is the difference between rap and hip hop? Rap and hip hop are two protest music genres that sometimes use vulgar words. But in general, these two styles of music are different in terms of structure, song speed and.. Rap music is actually a sub-genre of hip hop music.
In terms of history and cultural roots, these two styles of hip hop and rap are not different. Both were created in the Bronx in the 1970s. Apparently, these two styles were first used by DJ Jamkai and Cole Herk. After a while, people use these two styles at parties and even in other music. Inspired by the rap used by popular poets in West Africa, the movement spread throughout the region. Hip hop culture, including murals and rap, was adopted by street groups in the Bronx as a new form of music.
Hip Hop music derivatives include electro, break beat, hardcore, R&B, funky breaks and abstract hip hop. Rap instruments include grime. Rap is also used in a wide range of other genres such as jazz, disco, funk and even Japanese dance music.





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