peyman shahi

The effect of music on the human brain through language (peyman shahi)

Have you ever thought about the effect of music on your moods?

In times of joy, excitement, sadness and even in times of anger.

Music can be effective even when you are sick.

Waseghi can easily release inner excitement and passion.

It can give us the peace we have been looking for for so long.

The effect of music on the human psyche is one of the facts that can not be denied.

Music contains energy that in addition to stimulating the brain can affect all parts of the body.

But some types of music have little or no effect on brain stimulation.

The reason for this can be attributed to the complex structure of the brain and the diversity of human interests and behaviors.

In music, the structure of the human brain determines which types of music can reduce the harmful biological activities of the human being.

Due to the complex structure of the human brain, a particular type of music can not have the same effect on all individuals.

In addition to its effect in accelerating the healing of many mental and physical ailments, music facilitates many daily activities.

Music has a beneficial effect on children’s emotional development and mental balance.

The effects of music on human life are far greater than those that can be easily mentioned.

In fact, music makes the joy of living tangible, creates love, awakens the passion of life in human beings and creates hope for a different tomorrow. How can you not hear the beautiful song of life

when it accompanies human beings every moment and everywhere?





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