Chantelle Thompson of Brazilian Booty Lift is Reshaping the Body Contouring Industry


Body alterations have become more commonplace in recent years, largely due to the rise of social media inspiring women and men to look the best they possibly can, coupled with the widespread availability of such procedures. One procedure that has become especially popular is the Brazilian butt lift, but the typical BBL procedure comes with a myriad of risks: blood clots, infection, deep vein thrombosis and more. 

However, there are some safer, non-invasive options for those seeking to look and feel their best. One of those options is Brazilian Booty Lift, a company founded by U.K.-based entrepreneur Chantelle Thompson, who is currently the CEO of the popular business. The company helps customers achieve their desired figure, as well as helping entrepreneurs launch successful businesses.

The modern-day woman is overwhelmingly looking to enhance their curves, reduce wrinkles and tighten skin — all of which is possible with the Body Countouring machines, or as Thompson refers to them: “businesses in a box.” In addition to helping people look their best without having to worry about going through an intensive medical operation, the machines also represent a chance for budding entrepreneurs to earn more than £10,000 per month in 25 hours per week. The BBL team helps their entrepreneurs grow in their career, providing them with hands-on training experiences and educational opportunities.

Each entrepreneur has the opportunity to take advantage of an equitable payment structure, ensuring that everyone has the same chance to make serious income. The BBL team also recently launched a subscription program that allows entrepreneurs to begin their businesses before fully paying for the machine. Instead, there is an option to pay a low monthly price and undergo a soft credit check in order to get one’s business venture moving.

Medii Sculpt and Medii Tone are Brazilian Booty Lift’s two life-changing machines. The Sculpt machine utilizes Thompson’s trademarked Pulse & Twist technology in which the body undergoes micro vacuum pulses and 180-degree twists, resulting in tighter skin and reduced fat and cellulite. The Tone machine uses electromagnetic energy to enhance muscle toning and fat loss, equaling the same results as 25,000 sit-ups in just one half hour treatment. 

Keep updated on all Thompson and the BBL team have going on by checking out the website. 


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