Youngest Urban Artist Of India , Aarav Chopra Proudly Known As Trend Boy


Aarav Chopra, known professionally As Trend Boy Aarav Chopra or simply Trend Boy , is an Indian pop singer, raper and owner of Chopra Production.
He started out in 2019 as a session and recording artist, and became a urban and hip hop music artist. Later, he became successful with his own songs and started a label known as Chopra Production.

He hs also won numerous awards and accolades for his singing. He won “Youngest Music Label Owner Of India” & Today Seen As “Youngest Urban Artist Of India” And “Youngest Urban Music Artist Of India”

The music industry has produced some of the greatest talents to date, but those who have made it big despite a lot of competition are those who have worked hard to create something fresh, providing audiences and music lovers with music that they can instantly fall in love with and feel a part of.
One among them is Aarav Chopra also Known as Trend Boy Aarav Chopra whose voice is literally a blessing to the ears. Born on 29th March 2007 in Delhi. His father is Shri Pradeep Chopra .
Aarav Chopra has many talents, he is an Artist, Rapper, Content Creator and has ties with many Celebrities.

Not common in his age, Only At Age 14 ,Aarav owns a Label / Music Production Company called “Chopra Production” He has worked with many renowned singers, actors, influencers, artists and production companies.

Though his first single though was Heart Without You
And Groove With Mee
Which were really liked by the people.
Through social media, this song of his was very much liked by the people. The name of this song was “Away From You”.Starting from a very young age is a huge task. All of Aarav Chopra’s releases so far have proved that he makes songs with his soul.

Having said that, Aarav has earned great recognition with his work. Currently having more than 100,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel “Chopra Production” his viewers absolutely love him for the uniqueness he offers with his songs. Some of his famous songs are

Recent One
Away From You
2- Heart Without You
3- Never Gonna Beat Mee
4 – Am Always Ruthless
5- I Ain’t Gonna Give Up
6 – Duriyan
7- Groove With Mee
8 – Khwaab
9- Knightflyer
And Many More…

Trend Boy Aarav Chopra is really trending on the digital front, and we won’t be surprised if he soon reaches the top. Till then, do follow him on Instagram @trendboyaaravchopra.





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