The following review contains spoilers for the “Souda Series”pejvak

The following review contains spoilers for the “Souda Series”

The Souda is a crime drama produced in 10 episodes, and directed by “Iman Yazdi”.

“Shahab”  played by “Pejvak Imani” is an orphan, raised by a powerful criminal who smuggles antiques, named “Dr. Hekmat”.

Shahab falls in love with his daughter “parinaz”, but since he is afraid of Dr.

Hekmat, he manages to suppress all his feelings for her.

Pejvak Imani manages to portray the numbness of the character perfectly as this character.

One of the challenges he faced was trying to have an emotionless face while bringing out his troubled childhood through his eyes.

At the beginning of the show Parinaz pressures him to confess his love, but since Shahab is both afraid of Dr.

Hekmat and feels debtful to him denies it. 

As the story progresses he starts to give in to their love.

They try to rent a place for themselves and go on dates secretly which leads to Dr.Hekmat’s suspicion and eventually finding out.

They try to escape from him but they fail and Dr. Hekmat kills “Shahab” as he considers this an act of treason.

Pejvak Imani shows off his acting skills in the Scene he is being killed,

he was able to perform both fear, and despair on his face while showing the character has no regrets.






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