Future legend artist Brando Caviir plans to set new records in music globe


Entertainment industries are today’s most successful and desired platform among the rising generation. Whether it is the likes people offer for entertainment or the interest of youth in moulding their career in the same. Music globe is one of those rising entertainment platforms, the youth incline towards this field as it offer them many chances to bring up their own trend to the lively world of people’s interests.

There are many artists who became motivation and encouragement for many youngsters out their to begin their journey with. One of those inspirational artists is Marland Morris known from his stage name Brando Caviir. Brando work as a music artist, producer and a film director.

Born in November 1986 in Jamaica, Brando has lived his life as any other person until the day he decided to bring up a change in his life through the way of music. Brando pursued music as his career in May, 2010 and is now active as a professional musician in New York. The path he chose brought many challenges to his life. Instant success was somewhat a dream as any other artist but he gradually achieved success in his professional life. His hard work helped him achieving his most desired life as a music artist.

“My future plan is to elevate and create infrastructures to help others”, said Brando.

Keeping in mind the motive to help others Brando gives his best to the music sphere. He made a move to the music industry because of his passion, “I step into this field because art is my passion and I love music and I also want to share my story through music” explains Brando.

His love for music brought him to a point where he is a well-known artist and has achieved his desire of being a musician. Not only music, but Brando serves as a professional music director and producer. His music generally include genres like dancehall and reggae but it doesn’t limit his ability to create all types of music. People not only like his music but also the stories he portray.

Brando believes that there is no limit to what one can do and he strongly agrees the fact that the entertainment industry allows one to live his dreams, explore and create one’s own fan base across the world. Brando is also associated with the popular label Echo One Productions. Brando Caviir believes in creating music content that is not only fascinating for people, but is also inspiring and motivational.





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