Tips for success in the audition from Shahameh Dizaei

Audition is one of the most important steps in an actor’s life. In this process, the actor must show in front of the director and casting director that he can perform the desired role in the best possible way. Therefore, proper preparation for an audition is very important.

Shahameh Dizaei is originally from Bakhtiari and the wife of Ali Dizaei, the former head of the London police and an Iranian lawyer. Mrs. Dizaei works as an actress and a well-known figure in the virtual world.

She says: “To attend the audition, be sure to pay attention to the following:
The best actors always do a thorough research about the director, his style and his expectations of the actors before they start acting. Preparing according to the specific conditions of the audition and the desired role is one of the most important recommendations for candidate actors. At the time of audition, you need to be confident and perform with confidence.

The best actors must have a good understanding and influence in the character of their role. This work is achieved by studying and analyzing the role and trying to understand the realities of the character. When acting, the actor should fit the character of the role and provide optimal acting according to his character and the role. The actor should use the rehearsal space to practice and prepare for the audition and try to improve his acting.

“Auditions can be very stressful for actors, but managing your stress can help you perform at your best.”


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