Germany’s opposition to the common asylum system in Europe

According to “NTV” news reports, the common European asylum system proposed by the institutions of this union could include provisions that enable a flexible response to large flows of refugees. But contrary to these opinions, German Federal Foreign Minister Analena Bauerbok sees potential harm for Germany in this flexibility and has an opposing opinion.

German Foreign Minister Analena Baerbock has warned against the introduction of critical regulations during the reform of the European immigration policy. The German official wrote on Platform X (formerly Twitter): “Instead of regular procedures, the great discretion that the current proposed regulation grants in the event of a crisis will in effect re-incentivize large numbers of unregistered refugees to Germany.” He further added: “The German federal government cannot be responsible for this.” Baerbok also made similar statements in a conversation with the German “Bild” publication.

The German foreign minister added: “I am responsible for our municipalities together with the German Federal Minister of the Interior, Nancy Pfizer, and I will fight with all my might to ensure that our German concerns are taken into account and that there is an asylum system in Europe that opens a door rather than a door.” It is effective against chaos and crisis.

The Ministers of Justice and State of the European Union will meet in Brussels next week. Immigration policy is also on the agenda. Last week, the European Parliament announced a deadlock in negotiations on planned asylum reforms. The representatives of the European Union also justified their action by saying that the governments of the member states have not yet adopted a common position on the planned crisis regulations. Delays in this area are particularly acute due to the approaching European elections in June 2024.

In this way, EU member states are still fighting and disagreeing over the so-called crisis laws in the European asylum reform.


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