Crowding of asylum seekers again and declaring a state of emergency on the border of France and Italy

According to Sputnik reports, a French TV channel quoted the country’s police as saying that the French authorities are worried about the possible increase in the influx of asylum seekers. In the continuation of Sputnik’s report, it was said that this concern was caused by the arrival of a large number of asylum seekers to the Italian island of Lampedusa.

Reports show that the situation is particularly tense in the French city of Menton, which borders Italy. It is said that the French police detain between 200 and 300 immigrants who intend to enter the country every day in this area. Regional police chief Emmanuel Joubert says that since January, 32,000 people have been arrested, which is 20% more than the number of asylum seekers compared to the same time last year.

He also said: The number of cases where minor immigrants were not accompanied by adults has doubled.

In a related news, “Joseph Burrell”, the foreign policy officer of the European Union, previously called the influx of refugees to Europe an existential threat to Europe and warned that the refugees are a powerful force that has the ability to destroy the European continent.

It is said that even before the crisis in Lampedusa, Italy, France had strengthened the border security in the city of Mentone. Including the 200 new police officers who were sent to Menton before the current crisis, their number is now estimated at around 500. In addition, Paris has doubled the number of “anti-terrorist” forces in the region and sent additional equipment, including drones, to police and military forces in the border city.

Last week, 11,000 refugees arrived on Italy’s southernmost island of Lampedusa, almost double its permanent population. The island’s mayor, Filippo Mannino, said the situation on Lampedusa was approaching a “point of no return”. Italian authorities are currently trying to prevent the refugee crisis.


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