A gathering of thousands of teachers in South Korea

According to the Associated Press, this demonstration was held on Saturday in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, following the death of a teacher in July. The body of the teacher was found in the classroom after a report of “mental disturbance” caused by the parents was published.

The protesting teachers, who have been protesting for weeks, say that South Korea’s current laws make it difficult to control their classrooms and expose them to “authoritarian and domineering parents” who can easily “emotionally abuse” teachers. “Children” are also accused.

South Korean lawmakers are debating bills that could meet teachers’ demands, but some experts have raised concerns about the potential changes, saying such proposals would undermine child protection. Children who have been trying for years in very competitive environments.

In South Korea, graduating from a top and prestigious university is considered a vital factor in finding a job and even marriage.

According to statistics from South Korea’s Ministry of Education and National Health Insurance Service, more than 820 middle and high school students committed suicide between 2018 and 2022.

Thousands of black-clad teachers and school staff lined a street near South Korea’s National Assembly, chanting in protest and holding placards saying, “Protect teachers from allegations of emotional abuse of children.” Protesters said parents have sued 9,000 teachers for “child abuse” in the past eight years.

South Korean police estimated the number of protesters on Saturday to be around 20,000.





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