Consequences of defeat against an Asian opponent

Among the 26,000 fans who came to watch the match between Germany and Japan at the Wolsogan Stadium in Wolfsburg, there were few who expected the scoreboard to win at the end of the game. It was unacceptable that Germany, the champion of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, would lose like this in its own soil against the representative of Asia.

Trastegen, the goalkeeper of Germany and the Barcelona football team, had 7 interceptions in this match, of which 4 reactions from inside the area were registered with the result of a penalty, and it could have been an even heavier defeat.

Head coach Flick is on the verge of being fired, even though he believes he is the best coach for the Germans right now. After this defeat against Japan, he told RTL: We are trying to prepare the team in the best possible way. We believe that the technical staff and I performed well and I am currently the most suitable coach for the German national team.

Of course, the media, people and public opinion of Germany do not say such things. Bild wrote that Flick was close to the end of the line and Kicker also talked about the continuing crisis in German national football. Football legend Lothar Mathews shouted angrily after the result and claimed that Flick could not set a good direction for German football. In their last 5 games, Germany has never won, lost 4 times, and once against Ukraine, they have settled for a draw.

Germany has scored 13 goals in the last 5 games and everyone is talking about the disaster of the defense line. It is as if they are seeing the last days of Joachim Lo again before their eyes. The days when Germany succumbed to a 6-0 defeat against Spain, but the German Football Federation decided to trust him, which resulted in his elimination from the European Nations Cup.

However, Flick doesn’t seem to get as many opportunities as Joachim Loew, and there are now rumblings of Julian Nagelsmann’s arrival.






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