Shooting in Germany

The local German newspaper, Bild reported the shooting at the train station of one of the western German cities.

According to the German media, yesterday evening, a massive police operation was carried out at the central train station in the city of Wuppertal in western Germany. In this area, a shooting incident was reported in the early evening, apparently due to a dispute between three men, which escalated and led to this conflict and as a result of the shooting. The police spokesman said that fortunately there were no casualties in this incident.

According to initial witness statements, the three men got into an argument at the bus stop in Duprezburg around 5:55 pm local time. One of the men then pulled out a gun and allegedly fired several shots into the air.

He then fled with his accomplice to the nearby train station building. The third man also chased these two people and also shot at the central train station building.

One of the suspected shooters was arrested and is now under investigation. An intensive search is underway to identify the second and third persons.

A criminal police investigation has been launched to clarify the background and exact path of the crime. The police announced: In order to follow up on other dangerous situations, the federal police forces, the task force and the police headquarters were deployed in Wuppertal. According to the Federal Police, for this purpose, the station was temporarily cordoned off. The exact reason for this shooting incident is still unknown.





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