Explosive package in Russian railway station

According to Sputnik news articles, the spokesman of the Russian emergency department announced a few minutes ago that after receiving reports about the discovery of an explosive package at the “Kievskyi” railway station in Moscow, this station is currently being evacuated.

Kievsky station is one of the nine main railway stations in the capital of Russia.

Sputnik news agency announced this news in its latest update. Russian police forces said that public reports about the discovery of an explosive package at the train station are false, however, the process of evacuating citizens from this train station continues.

According to Sputnik, police forces and bases had previously received many reports of the presence of explosives in crowded, vital and sensitive places such as train and bus stations, airports, subways, universities, schools, and entertainment centers, which the police say All of these reports have so far been false.

In recent days and weeks, the drone attacks of the Ukrainian army have increased deep in the territory of Russia and the capital of this country.

In continuation of the continuous drone attacks of the Ukrainian army, the Ministry of Defense of Russia announced yesterday by publishing an official statement that the air defense of this country has intercepted and destroyed 3 attacking drones in the sky of “Belgord” region.

At the same time, the governor of Belgord region announced that one person was killed following the missile attack of the Ukrainian army on a village near the border areas.


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