Unveiling a Disturbing Scheme: Sinister Plot to Attack Adani Group and Indian Markets Exposed


In a shocking revelation that has sent shockwaves through Indian social media, Twitter user and Fact Checker Vijay Patel has exposed a sinister plan orchestrated by the Anti-India lobby to target the renowned Adani Group and destabilise Indian markets. This alarming expose points to a collaboration between entities funded by influential figures such as George Soros and Rockefeller Brothers, alongside OCCRP, to manipulate Indian stock markets and hinder the nation’s growth trajectory.

The Sinister Scheme: According to the exposed thread shared by Vijay Patel, a nefarious plot has emerged to tarnish the reputation of the Adani Group while profiting from the ensuing chaos. This elaborate plan involves various NGOs, media outlets including Newslaundry and The Wire, as well as foreign lobbyists masquerading as activists and journalists. Even opposition leaders such as Mahua Moitra, Jairam Ramesh, and Prashant Bhushan were allegedly roped in to propagate misinformation.

The Endgame: A Hindenburg 2.0 Scenario: The ultimate goal of this sinister scheme is revealed to be a “Hindenburg 2.0 scenario.” The plan aimed to tarnish India’s developmental path, capitalise on fabricated exposés, and manipulate the stock market for personal gains. However, the meticulously planned ploy appears to have collapsed, raising serious concerns about the influence of external players on India’s political opposition and economic stability.

Collaboration of Distinct Entities: Vijay Patel’s thread hints at the potential collaboration of various entities—ranging from NGOs to short sellers and political opposition—forming what he coins a ‘Guided Opposition.’ This convergence of different forces poses a significant threat to India’s stability and growth trajectory.

Impending Attack on Adani Group: Disturbingly, sources indicate another impending attack on the Adani Group, timed strategically before the submission of the SEBI report to the Supreme Court. This attack mirrors a similar episode in January 2023. The planned attempt involves short selling to manipulate markets and potentially undermine the group’s credibility.

OCCRP Connection and Disturbing Agenda: Vijay Patel’s thread highlights the role of OCCRP, an international organisation funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, Rockefeller Brothers, and the US Government. This organisation’s disturbing agenda, as revealed through its annual reports and team background, aligns with forces against India’s growth, raising concerns about foreign interference.

A Wake-Up Call for Vigilance: The thread serves as a wake-up call for Indians to recognize external attempts to disrupt their nation’s progress. Patel emphasises that the government’s actions against such NGOs underline their questionable intentions. He urges citizens to stay vigilant and aware.





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