Elizabeth Holmes may plead mental illness for a reduced sentence

According to court documents, Elizabeth Holmes, founder and former CEO of Theranos, may plead “mental illness” to defend herself in court.

Elizabeth Holmes, who once held the title of the world’s youngest female billionaire and was adept at raising her voice, claimed that the $9 billion biotech company Theranos would revolutionize blood testing. He and the operations manager of this company were accused of fraud by the US Federal Court in the summer of 2018.

The court accused Holmes and “Ramesh Balwani”, the operations manager and former president of Theranos, of defrauding investors as well as doctors and patients of several million dollars. If the charges against them are proven, they will face 20 years in prison and pay millions of dollars in fines. The trial of these two people was originally supposed to be held in the summer of this year, but it has been postponed to early 2021 due to the outbreak of Corona.

A judge for the United States District Court for the Northern District of California ordered Holmes to be examined by a psychologist and psychiatrist this week. Some time ago, Ms. Holmes’s lawyers claimed that they will present expert evidence related to her mental illness in court. The court requested to film the examination session of Holmes, which faced the objection of his legal team.

Holmes plans to use Mindy Mechanic, a psychologist at California State University at Fullerton, as a witness in court. As written on the university’s website, Ms. Mechanic is a specialist in mental illnesses caused by violence, trauma and harassment with a focus on violence against women and other forms of interpersonal violence.

Holmes and Balwani will be tried separately. Both people consider themselves innocent.


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