About 430 million dollars from the EU budget have been misused

According to the report of the European Anti-Fraud Office, approximately 430 million euros of funds were misused in the European Union last year, according to the German newspaper Wirtschaftswoche. The EU body also said it had prevented the illegal use of nearly €200 million in funds, according to insiders.

This result was obtained based on the annual report of this institution, which was published on Tuesday. This institution based in Brussels is responsible for detecting fraud related to the EU budget. Inspectors are also looking into the workings of European institutions. According to a previous report, more than 527 million euros were misused in 2021.

The body has announced the exact amount of the EU budget that was misused last year as 426.8 million euros. The body’s investigation focused on suspicions of collusion, manipulation of procurement procedures, conflicts of interest and excessive billing.

In addition, this institution, which is abbreviated as “Olaf” after the French name, is also active in the fight against counterfeiting and smuggling, for example, last year it supported joint customs campaigns. According to this report, millions of fake and dangerous items such as medicine, toys, 531 million illegal cigarettes and 14.7 million liters of wine, beer and alcoholic beverages were confiscated.


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