Poland complains about Brussels’ plan to ban the sale of gasoline and diesel cars

According to the writings of the German “De Welt” newspaper, at the end of March, the European Union’s energy ministers gave the green light for a large-scale ban on the sale of gasoline and diesel cars from 2035. Poland voted against these plans and now wants to take its complaint to the European Supreme Court to counter this Brussels plan. According to Poland, these plans are unrealistic, and in the shadow of their implementation, there is a fear of an increase in the price of vehicles.

In this way, Poland wants to go to court against the plan to end new cars with combustion engines in the European Union. Poland’s climate minister, Anna Moskwa, announced on Monday that Warsaw will file an appeal against the regulation to the EU’s highest court in the coming days. He emphasized that Poland does not agree with this section and other areas of the EU climate protection program called “Fit for 55”. Moskva said: I hope other countries will join it.

At the end of March, following an agreement with Germany, EU energy ministers authorized a widespread phase-out of combustion engines from 2035. Poland voted against this plan. The government of Warsaw called this plan unrealistic and spoke of the risk of increasing car prices in the future. Italy, Bulgaria and Romania abstained from this plan.

Based on this decision, new cars may no longer emit CO2 from 2035. In 2030, emission levels should be 55% below 2021 levels. The transport sector accounts for almost a quarter of the EU’s CO2 emissions. In the future, most automakers want to focus primarily on electric vehicles.

In February, the European Parliament voted to approve a new law banning the sale of gasoline and diesel cars from 2035.

The new law is part of a larger effort to combat climate change in the European Union and will accelerate the EU’s move towards electric cars.

This law requires car manufacturers to reduce carbon emissions from new cars by 100%. In practice, this means that from 2035 onwards, no new fossil fuel vehicles will be sold.

Many European car companies are already preparing for the new law by competing in the electric car market.


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