The unveiling of an artificial intelligence supercomputer

According to New Atlas, this new supercomputer named Nvidia DGX GH200 has set a good record with an unprecedented processing power of 1 exaflop per second. 256 200 GHz superchips are installed in this supercomputer and this product has 144 terabytes of shared memory, which is 500 times more than Nvidia’s previous supercomputer, DGX A100, which was unveiled three years ago.

The 200 GHz superchip consists of a Grace CPU and a Tensor H100 GPU, allowing them to communicate with each other seven times faster than a PCIe connection. By using this method, the power consumption of this supercomputer is reduced by one fifth.

The said supercomputer will be used to train the successors of ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence models. Nvidia has announced plans to build a supercomputer called Helios based on DGX GH200 processors. This product is expected to be released by the end of 2023 with a processing power of 4 exaflops.


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