Baby giant in pajamas at the championship party

Manchester’s championship celebration continued hours after the game in a night club in the city of Manchester, where Norwegian star Erling Holland also attended the ceremony. The strange thing was that Holland had chosen a sky blue nightgown to attend this ceremony!

In fact, the celebration of the City players continued on the field, in the dressing room, while the players and the technical staff ate pizza together and celebrated. Afterwards, the team members went to a famous night club in Manchester to continue their celebration.

Holland’s strange look got more attention than others because he chose a nightgown. Of course, his fiancee Isabel Johnson’s outfit was also blue, but it was much more stylish than him. Holland has met his current fiancee since his time in Dortmund. They met through their mutual friend “Byron”.

In addition to Holland, other stars such as De Bruyne, Kyle Walker, Phil Foden, John Stones, Riyad Mahrez, Bernardo Silva and their couples were also present in this celebration so that a luxurious ceremony could be held for them.


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