The godfather of artificial intelligence this time warned about the dangers of this technology

A scientist who is known as the godfather of artificial intelligence gave a serious warning about the growing dangers caused by the speed of developments in this field.

Geoffrey Hinton, 75, who resigned from Google, said some of the dangers of AI chatbots were “very scary”, according to the BBC World Service.

Hinton’s pioneering research on neural networks and deep learning paved the way for current artificial intelligence systems such as GPT Chat.

In artificial intelligence, neural networks are systems that act like the human brain in the way they learn and process information. They enable AI to learn from experience, as a human would; This is called deep learning.

This English-Canadian psychologist and computer scientist stated: Chatbots can soon surpass the level of information that the human brain has.

The godfather of artificial intelligence continued: “Given the speed of development, we should be concerned about this technology.” Hinton went on to mention “bad actors” who are trying to use artificial intelligence for “bad things”.

He added: I have come to the conclusion that the type of intelligence that is being developed is very different from the intelligence we have.

Referring to Hinton’s comments, Matt Clifford, head of the UK’s Advanced Research and Invention Agency, said: “In his resignation announcement, he emphasizes the increasing speed of artificial intelligence capabilities.”

He continued: This technology has many positive aspects, but it is necessary that the world invest heavily and urgently in the safety and control of artificial intelligence.

According to the head of the UK’s Advanced Research and Invention Agency, Hinton joins a growing number of experts who have expressed concerns about artificial intelligence (both the speed of its development and its direction).


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