Studying the history of Hongdram in ferita language:

Hang drum or handpen is part of the category of percussion-melodic instruments.

At first glance, this instrument looks like spaceships in fictional movies or war shields of ancient times.

This instrument consists of two oval metal plates, which are glued together.

Although the initial idea of ​​making instruments similar to the drum regiment has older roots, the first recognized drum regiment was unveiled in 2000.

Felix Rohner and Sabina Scharer were the ones who invented this instrument for the first time and the names of these two people are recorded as the inventors of this instrument.

It is interesting to note that early in the period when the Hang Drum was being made, in order to preserve the authenticity of this unique instrument, Felix and Sabina had a policy whereby potential customers who wanted to purchase the instrument had to submit a handwritten letter. offer to explain the reason for their need to buy this instrument.

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