Fox News settled with its plaintiff

According to the Guardian newspaper, the first court session between Fox News and Dominion was supposed to be held on Tuesday, but the two sides agreed before the start of the session and the network agreed to pay $787,500,000 in damages to the said company, which is about half Dominion will receive the requested damages. The company previously demanded 1.6 billion dollars in damages.

Other than the agreed-upon amount, no further details of the settlement have been released, and lawyers for Dominion declined to say whether their settlement would include a formal apology from Fox News.

“Truth matters,” Dominion attorney Justin Nelson said at a news conference outside the courthouse after the settlement. Lying has consequences. “People from all political spectrums can disagree on issues, but for the sake of our own democracy that can last another 250 years and maybe more, we must be committed to telling the truth.”

Fox News also said in a statement that this agreement reflects its “continued commitment to the highest standards of journalism.” “We hope that our decision to settle this dispute with Dominion amicably, rather than entering into a divisive court process, will allow the country to move past these issues,” the media outlet, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, said in a statement.

This closed case could have wide political and legal consequences.

The Dominion company had previously proved in court and by the judge’s ruling that the allegations made by the Fox News network about the manipulation of votes and the company’s affiliation with the former president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, were “baseless”. Dominion also added that during the 2020 election, Fox News brought guests in front of the camera who blatantly violated reality by making such claims.





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