Seizure of the rescue ship for German refugees in the Mediterranean Sea

According to Germany’s “NTV” news, according to the new Italian law, rescue ships in the Mediterranean Sea in Italy must join a port after each operation. According to Italian authorities, the rescue ship “Louis Michel” did not adhere to this and is now not allowed to leave the port in Lampedusa.

Despite a number of tragic incidents of refugee ships in the Mediterranean Sea, many migrants still dare to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Italy. The Italian news agency ANSA reported that in the last two days, more than 3,000 migrants have arrived on the Italian island of Lampedusa alone. A total of 1387 people reached this small island on Saturday. On Friday, their number was 1778.

Eight migrants died on Saturday while crossing the Mediterranean Sea to the European Union. According to ANSA reports, two small boats were caught in an emergency near Malta and eight bodies recovered by the Italian Coast Guard were brought to Lampedusa on Sunday night.

Meanwhile, Filippo Minino, the mayor of Lampedusa, has called for a joint European mission in the Mediterranean. He emphasized: Europe and Italy must be aware that there is an emergency situation in the Mediterranean Sea. According to ANSA, this politician said: Women, children and men are still dying.

Recently, another boat accident on the coast of Tunisia killed 29 people. A relevant official said: This boat with dozens of migrants sank on Friday. The Tunisian Coast Guard discovered seven bodies, including four children and an infant.


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