Departure of another train

According to Guardian reports, this incident occurs while less than two months ago, the release of a train carrying toxic and carcinogenic substances near the border of the two states of Ohio and Pennsylvania has become a widespread wave of criticism about the American rail transportation system.

In this incident that happened at night, a Canadian freight train derailed, during which 31 of its 70 wagons suffered material leakage. Chemicals spilled from this freight train included petroleum materials used to produce asphalt.

Emergency response personnel were quickly on the scene in rural Richland. According to local officials, because the incident took place in a cold and snowy area, the security risk was minimized and there was no fire at the scene.

Officials allowed the materials to freeze in the ambient cold to facilitate the collection of the leaked chemicals in the environment. It is estimated that the process of cleaning the environment from released chemicals will take 7 to 10 days.

Two months ago, a Norfolk Southern freight train derailment in Ohio caused cars carrying toxic vinyl chloride and other hazardous chemicals to leak and catch fire, prompting the emergency evacuation of thousands of people and raising health and safety concerns for residents of the area near the state’s border with Pennsylvania created.

Criticizing the low level of safety in the American railway transportation system, the lawmakers of the Congress asked the Biden administration to take serious measures in this regard and to improve the railway services.






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