India’s Historic Night at the Oscars: Triumphs for “Naatu Naatu” and “The Elephant Whisperers”.


India won two awards at the 95th Academy Awards, marking a historic moment for the country’s film industry. MM Keeravani’s “Naatu Naatu” won Best Original Song, while “The Elephant Whisperers” won Best Documentary Short.

The Triumph of Naatu Naatu at the Oscars.

One of the highlights of India’s glorious night at the 95th Academy Awards was the victory of “Naatu Naatu” for the Best Original Song category. The song, which featured in S S Rajamouli’s blockbuster movie ‘RRR,’ had been receiving accolades from fans worldwide for its upbeat and energetic rhythm. Its victory at the Oscars marked a historic moment for Indian cinema, and MM Keeravani’s acceptance speech resonated with the joy and pride of a billion Indians. The song’s success has not only put Indian cinema on the global map but also introduced a new generation of audiences to the country’s rich cultural heritage. The infectious beats of “Naatu Naatu” will continue to reverberate around the world for years to come, cementing its place as an unforgettable moment in Indian cinema history.

“The Elephant Whisperers”: Celebrating the Bond between Elephants and Humans.

Directed by Kartiki Gonsalves and produced by Guneet Monga, “The Elephant Whisperers” is a heartwarming film that explores the sacred bond between elephants and humans. The film features the charming Raghu and Ammu, and Bomman and Bellie, and highlights the importance of respecting indigenous communities. The documentary is available on Netflix and is a testament to the beauty of the natural world.

“All That Breathes”: Critical Acclaim Despite Not Winning.

Shaunak Sen’s “All That Breathes” tells the story of two Delhi-based brothers who care for injured kites falling from the skies. The film gained critical acclaim on the festival circuit, from Sundance to Cannes, and while it did not win Best Documentary Feature at the Oscars, it remains a stunning achievement that showcases the beauty of India’s wildlife.

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“Everything Everywhere All At Once”: A Deserving Best Picture Winner.

While some may have expected “All Quiet on the Western Front” to win Best Picture, this year’s awards celebrated anti-war sentiment, and “Everything Everywhere All At Once” was a deserving victor. Directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, the film is a genre-bending multiverse sci-fi-action-adventure that captivated audiences with its unique storytelling. The German war epic won Best International Feature, original score, production design, and cinematography.

India’s victories at the Oscars mark a significant moment for the country’s film industry, showcasing the talents and potential of Indian filmmakers on a global stage. These awards not only recognize the achievements of the films and their creators but also celebrate the beauty and diversity of India’s culture and wildlife.






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