How do online fraudsters target ChatGPT users? Check here


According to Kaspersky, the hackers create groups on social media platforms that mimic the communities of OpenAi accounts. The posts have a link asking users to download the ChatGPT desktop client.

Kaspersky Lab has issued a warning about a malicious campaign targeting the popular ChatGPT. According to the company’s blog post, fraudsters are stealing users’ social media details by sending them suspicious links and asking them to download the chatbot’s desktop version.

According to Kaspersky, the hackers create social media groups that resemble the communities of OpenAi accounts. The malicious posts include a link that directs users to the ChatGPT desktop client.

Aside from that, the scammers post fake login credentials for pre-created accounts that claim to grant access to the chatbot. To entice potential users, the attackers claim that each account has a balance of $50 that can be used to purchase subscriptions.

Kaspersky says that on clicking the link, a carefully made site designed to convince users to download the ChatGPT desktop client opens. It is not the official site but looks like the original one.

The user unknowingly downloads an archive containing an executable file after clicking the download button. The user will either see a message that says ‘installation failed’ or nothing at all. However, this is not the end of the story.

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A Trojan is installed on the user’s computer and steals login credentials from Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and other browsers. This Trojan is known as Trojan-PSW.Win64.Fobo by Kaspersky.

According to the blog, the Trojan interested in stealing login details of social media accounts on TikTok, Facebook, etc. The virus steals,s usernames and passwords, and on finding a business account in one of the services, try to get additional information such as how much money spent on advertising from the account and what is the current balance.

In case you are unaware, there is no official desktop, mobile, or any other version of ChatGPT, only the web version.





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