Amritpal Singh aide will be released following a Punjab court order.


Release of Lovepreet Singh, alias Toofan, expected from Amritsar central jail around 4 pm after which Amritpal Singh plans to head for Golden Temple. A court in Punjab Ajnala on Friday ordered the release of radical Sikh preacher Amritpal Singh aide Lovepreet Singh, alias Toofan, in a kidnapping case, a day after supporters of the leader stormed a police station in the border town demanding he is freed.

Inspector general of police, Amritsar border range, Monish Chawla said that the court has accepted the discharge application and Lovepreet Singh is being released from the central jail in Amritsar.

Before his aide’s release from jail, Waris Punjab De leader Amritpal Singh said in a video message shared on social media: “Our aim for Khalistan shouldn’t be seen as evil and taboo. It should be seen from an intellectual point of view as to what could be its geopolitical benefits. It’s an ideology and an ideology never dies. We are not asking for it from Delhi.”

The Sikh preacher’s supporters, some of them brandishing swords and guns, had broken through barricades and laid siege to the police station complex in Ajnala on Thursday afternoon, demanding Toofan’s release. Three policemen were injured in the clash, officials said.

Amritsar Rural superintendent of police Satinder Singh told reporters that they (Amritpal’s supporters) have given evidence, according to which he (Lovepreet Singh), was not present at the spot, referring to the alleged kidnapping. “They gave the evidence on Thursday. Based on that he is being discharged through the court,” said the SSP.

The situation is peaceful and under control, he said in response to a question.

Amritpal and his supporters camped at Gurdwara Baba Deep, about half a km from the police station, overnight after the police assured them of Toofan’s release. They are headed to Amritsar jail, about 25km away, from where they plan to take Toofan to pay obeisance at Golden Temple.

Amritpal had on Thursday issued an ultimatum for the release of his supporter against whom a case was registered along with 30 others for kidnapping and thrashing Barinder Singh, a resident of Chamkaur Sahib in Rupnagar district.

Barinder Singh, in his complaint, had told police that Amritpal’s associates had abducted him from Ajnala and taken him to an unknown place where he was thrashed.

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