Javed Akhtar shares reaction to his 26/11 Mumbai attacks remark at Pakistan event: ‘They all clapped…’


Javed Akhtar revealed that his remark about the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks that he made during an event in Pakistan was well-received by the audience. He said ‘they all clapped and agreed’ with his statement.

Javed Akhtar recently visited Pakistan for a literary festival in Lahore, where he remarked on the perpetrators of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks freely roaming the country. A video of the lyricist-writer remarking on a festival honoring legendary Urdu poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz went viral on social media, and even actor Kangana Ranaut reacted by praising him. Javed has now revealed the reaction of the audience to his remark at the Pakistan event.

In a new interview, Javed Akhtar said that his comment about the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks was well-received in Pakistan.

He added that there are many people in Pakistan ‘who admire India’, and wanted the two neighbors to ‘have a relationship’. Javed further spoke about how ‘Pakistan Army, Pakistani people, Pakistani establishment are not on the same page’.

When asked about the audience’s response to his remark, Javed said in an interview, “They all clapped. They agreed with me. Many people admire India and want to have a relationship with us. We tend to think of countries as monoliths. That is not the case. How do we connect with millions of people, who want to connect with India.”

Javed also asked if this the right time for talks between India and Pakistan, and if a middle ground needed for that to happen.

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He said, “I don’t have that kind of caliber (to respond to this query). People who are in power, who are holding that position, understand what is happening, what is the situation how to go about it. Pakistan Army, the Pakistani people, Pakistani establishment are not on the same page… People who run the country know better. My information is little. We in India have very limited information about Pak people. Same is the case with them.”






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