Nikki Yadav father: Sahil Gehlot’s family part of murder


Sunil Yadav, who is in his late forties, on Wednesday said that he was unable to contact his daughter for over eight hours on February 10-11, and found out about her death when he was able to speak to Sahil Gehlot’s father on February 10. The father of Nikki Yadav, 22, claimed that Sahil Gehlot’s family members  also involved in his daughter’s murder.

Nikki Yadav, 22, allegedly strangled to death by her boyfriend on February 10 and then stuffed into a refrigerator of a roadside restaurant in Najafgarh.

In his late 40s, Sunil Yadav claimed on Wednesday that he was unable to reach his daughter for more than eight hours on February 10–11 and that he only learned of her passing on February 10 after speaking with Sahil Gehlot’s father.

“I somehow managed to arrange the contact numbers of Sahil and his parents. I called his father after we were unable to reach out to Nikki even after eight hours. asked him to tell me whether my daughter is alive or not,” Yadav said.

According to Sunil Yadav, Sahil’s father told him on the phone that he should assume that his daughter was dead.

“We thought that they were bluffing. How it possible that a man going to get married is traceless for eight hours and his family not aware of his location,” Sunil Yadav said.

According to police officials, Sahil Gehlot is accused of killing Nikki Yadav on February 10 around 9 a.m. that day after strangling her with a cord. He then allegedly got married to another woman about 12 hours later and went back to his car around 3 a.m. the next morning to place the body in the refrigerator of his family’s roadside restaurant in Mitraon village.

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Police arrested Sahil Gehlot on Tuesday when the crime came to light after they started investigating the woman’s disappearance.

Investigating officers said that the man committed the crime because his girlfriend, who he had living with for the past five years, asking him to get married. But his wedding to another woman set for the same evening he committed the murder.

Nikki Yadav’s father on Wednesday also alleged that his daughter assaulted even as he said that she was not in a live-in relationship with Sahil Gehlot.

“They (Sahil’s family) equally involved in the murder. My daughter was strong. She assaulted by Gehlot and his family members after which they strangled her. Her body had bruises on her face, neck, and legs,” he alleged.

The father, who owns an auto parts store in Gurugram’s Sector-17, claimed that after her daughter vanished, he also called Sahil Gehlot several times, but that he later stopped when Sahil informed him that he getting married.

“A police informed our team that there something fishy on the part of Gehlot and he may have killed his girlfriend, who not seen since February 10. We verified the information, took Gehlot into custody, and interrogated him during which he confessed to the murder and accompanied us to the dhaba from where the body recovered from the fridge,” said deputy commissioner of police (crime) Satish Kumar.






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