BJP will cross majority mark in Tripura before 12 PM on counting day: Amit Shah


Expressing confidence in the BJP getting a full majority in the Tripura assembly elections, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has said that the BJP is seeking a mandate to make the state prosperous in the next five years building on the development initiatives of the party-led government.

Responding to questions about a possible hung assembly in Tripura, Amit Shah said that the constituencies in Tripura are small and “you will see that before 12 PM on counting day, the BJP would have crossed the majority mark.” In an exclusive interview, he also said that BJP’s ‘ChaloPaltai’ slogan in the last election was not a slogan to come to power in the state but to change the situation in Tripura.

BJP’s record in 2018 polls

The BJP created a record in 2018 by ousting the Left Front government which ruled Tripura for 35 years from 1978. The state will go to the polls on February 16 for its 60-member assembly.

The BJP is contesting 55 seats while its ally Indigenous Peoples Front of Tripura (IPFT) is contesting the remaining five seats.

Shah confident on party position after opposition joined hands

Shah said Congress and CPI-M joining hands shows that they are not in a position to defeat BJP on their own and “it is a very good position” for the party.

“We will increase our seats and also our vote share in Tripura. Congress and the Communist party have come together as they have accepted that they can’t defeat BJP alone. We will form a government with full majority in the state,” Shah said.

“‘ChaloPaltai’ slogan was given to change the situation in Tripura, and we’ve done that. Earlier when the Left was in power in Tripura, government employees were paid under Pay Commission, but we implemented the 7th Pay commission in the state without increasing the fiscal deficit. We eliminated violence in Tripura and also took strict action against drugs business from across the border in the state,” he added.

Amit Shah spoke on BJP’s work in Tripura

Shah also outlined the “effective steps” of the state government to end violence in the border state and tackle the drug menace and added that these have sent a good message among people.

“There is no violence in Tripura. The time has come to make Tripura prosperous. The double-engine government has taken several steps to fulfill its promises,” he said.

Asked about Manik Saha replacing Biplab Deb as Tripura Chief Minister in May last year and if it sent a signal of the BJP’s central leadership controlling the state unit, Shah said that Deb is an MP and has several key organizational responsibilities in the central BJP.

He said changes sometimes made if the national parties need leaders at the central level. “I feel this is promotion, it should not looked at from any other angle,” he said.

Shah said PM Modi’s initiatives have helped the tribal population

“The tribal communities are experiencing development now. Today, we have the first tribal President in the country. The benefits being given to poor families also extended to the tribal community without any discrimination. They realize that they misled earlier” Shah said before the year 2024, all state capitals in the Northeast region will get rail and air connectivity and this is not a small achievement.

“Nearly over 8,000 cadres of militant outfits have surrendered arms and joined the mainstream. The northeast known for blockades, protests, bomb explosions, and insurgency. Today roads built there, airports built. Where there was one airport in a state like Tripura, we are building a second here. The Prime Minister has undertaken various developmental projects for the northeast region,” he said.





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