‘Operation Dost’ In Turkey: How Indian Army working on war footing to save survivors.


‘Operation Dost’ In Turkey: The 99-member team at Hatay’s field hospital includes 13 doctors, ortho and general surgeons, oral maxillofacial surgeons, community medicine specialists, logistic officers, and three medical officers.

Rescue efforts went on for a sixth straight day as the death toll from the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria reached 25,000. Teams from various nations, including India, worked on a war footing to help save survivors and treat the injured.

“I am so appreciative of them (Indian relief forces), especially since they were the first to arrive…

I met a group of people from India for the first time, and I’m not sure how I felt. refer to them as “dost,” but I view them as brothers and sisters, said Furkaan, a Turkish national.

The Indian Army’s field hospital in Turkey’s earthquake-stricken Hatay province opened its doors to patients on Thursday and included operating rooms and an emergency room. Another field hospital in Iskenderun treated 106 rescued individuals on Friday. India also sent 841 cartons, totaling 6.19 tonnes, containing medications, safety tools, and diagnostics to Turkey and Syria.

The 99-person team at Hatay’s field hospital consists of 13 physicians, general and orthopedic surgeons, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, community medicine specialists, logistic officers, and three physicians.

“60 Para Field Hospital is a part of the para-brigade of the Indian Army. Immediately after arriving here, we established our hospital in a school building. We have a lab and x-ray facility here. We started the treatment immediately,” Lt Col Adarsh, second-in-command, 60 Para Field Hospital told.

The Indian Army officer also informed that a 3.5-hour-long surgery conducted on a patient. “We also had people who pulled out of the rubble after three days. We stabilized them and providing all help. performed a 3.5-hour-long difficult surgery at 3.30 am the day before, the patient is stable and referred to tertiary care today in Adana,” he said.





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