PM at investors summit: “India reforming out of conviction, not compulsion”


PM at investors summit: Meet 2023 in Lucknow, Prime Minister Modi stated that Uttar Pradesh previously known as a BIMARU state.

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed the attendees to the Global Investors’ Summit 2023 in Lucknow, noting that even though he was the summit’s chief guest, it was his duty as an elected state representative to extend the welcome. “Uttar Pradesh was referred to as a BIMARU state just a few short years ago. Nobody had any faith in the government. But today, Uttar Pradesh is a symbol of development and good governance, “PM Modi continued, noting that UP have five airports and directly connected to the ocean.

If India is the bright spot in the world, then UP is leading the growth of the country, PM Modi said adding, “India is reforming out of conviction, not out of compulsion.”

Praising Budget 2023 for increased allocation in infrastructure, and ease of doing business, PM Modi said one of the defense corridors of the country is going to come up in Uttar Pradesh.

“Along with infrastructure, UP has changed its ‘Soch and Approach’ for ease of doing business. It is driving the growth of New India. From electricity to connectivity, there has been improvement in every field. The state is witnessing holistic development,” PM Modi said at the summit.

“Uttar Pradesh has also benefited greatly from the work that has done to increase social, physical, and digital infrastructures,” said PM Modi at GIS 2023. “Health, education, green growth, and social infrastructure great opportunities for investors in India,” he said.





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