Ukraine war: Zelensky asks France, Germany for fighter jets


Ukraine war: Following a meeting with UK officials, the leader of Ukraine has sent his request for fighter jets to France and Germany.

On Wednesday night, President Volodymyr Zelensky met with the leaders of the two nations in Paris, where they vowed to continue supporting Ukraine.

Emmanuel Macron of France and Olaf Scholz of Germany reaffirmed their conviction that Russia cannot triumph in the conflict.

When he meets with the leaders of the European Union on Thursday in Brussels, Mr. Zelensky will request additional jets.

In addition to the Leopard 2 tanks that Western countries have recently committed to providing, he thinks the fighter jets and long-range missiles are crucial.

He said the supply of the jets had been discussed and warned there was “very little time” to provide the weaponry.

Mr. Macron said Ukraine could count on France’s support and that the country was “determined to help Ukraine to victory and the re-establishment of its legitimate rights”.

Mr. Scholz also said: “The position is unchanged: Russia must not win this war.”

Whether that means the two nations may commit to supplying fighter jets is unclear for now.

Both the French president and German chancellor have at times faced criticism for being too slow to support Ukraine.

Mr. Zelensky has previously expressed frustration with Mr. Macron, who continued to hold phone calls with Russian President Vladimir Putin after the invasion.

There, he also urged London to supply fighter jets to support Ukraine’s war efforts.

“Freedom will win – we know Russia will lose,” he told a crowd of MPs and peers in Westminster Hall, adding the UK was with his country on a march to “the most important victory of our lifetime”.

Downing Street said Defence Secretary Ben Wallace was investigating what aircraft the UK could potentially offer, but emphasized this was “a long-term solution” and that training pilots could take years.

Russia has warned there would be a “response” from Moscow if anyone did provide Ukraine with aircraft.





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