Modi asks in Rajya Sabha, “Why do Gandhis shy to use Nehru surname”


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the Rajya Sabha and replying to the Motion of Thanks to the President’s Address on Thursday, a day after he launched a blistering attack on the Congress in the Lok Sabha. He started the speech even Opposition leaders shouted slogans of “Modi-Adani bhai bhai”.

> PM Modi asked why those from the Nehru clan don’t want to keep “Nehru” as their surname. “I read it in some newspaper, I wasn’t able to verify but the report said that 600 government programs are in Nehru-Gandhi’s name. They are perturbed if Nehruji’s name is not mentioned anywhere or is missed…but I don’t understand one thing, why anyone from the Nehru clan is scared of keeping ‘Nehru’ as their surname…what are they ashamed of?”

>”They don’t know the difference between jobs and employment…with the green economy, India has developed the opportunity for green jobs.”

> “They have left no stone unturned to humiliate our scientists…There was pressure from people all over the world to sell their (COVID) vaccine in our market. Articles were written, and TV interviews were given. There were attempts till yesterday to insult our scientists. But my country’s scientists made vaccines that were approved and benefitted 150 countries.”

> “We identified 110 aspiration districts in the country. Education, infrastructure, and health have improved in these districts due to continued focus and performance review. This has benefitted more than 3 crore tribals.”

> “When anyone comes to the government, he comes with some promise for the country, but just expressing feelings does not help. What is the speed of development, what is the foundation, direction, effort, and result of development, it matters a lot.”

> “We have transformed the working culture with the power of technology. Our focus is on increasing speed and enhancing scale.”

> “They (Congress) used to say ‘Gareebi Hatao’ but did nothing for over four decades. While we work hard to meet the expectations and aspirations of the people of the country.”

> PM Modi said we have taken the pledge of saturation…” this is a solution to all the problems faced by India and its individuals. Attaining saturation means eradicating any possibility of inequality (bhed bhav ki saari gunjaiye khatma karna)… True secularism is making sure that the benefits of different government schemes reach all eligible beneficiaries.”

> In a sardonic response to the Congress allegation against him over the Adani issue, the prime minister “thanked” the Opposition and said, “jitna kichad uchaaloge, kamal utna hi jyada khilega (more the mud you throw, the better the lotus will bloom )”.

“That’s why, I am thankful to those who help the lotus bloom more and more,” PM Modi said in Rajya Sabha.





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