Kim Jong Un attended military parade featuring country’s largest nuclear missiles


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un joined his daughter on the viewing stand for a military parade in Pyongyang on Wednesday that featured the nation’s largest nuclear missiles.

More than a dozen intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and other weapons were displayed in Kim Il Sung Square in Rodong Sinmun photographs as fireworks lit up the sky above. However, the report did not state whether Kim gave a speech at the gathering to commemorate the Korean People’s Army’s 75th anniversary (KPA).

The 1950–1953 Korean War was briefly derided in the party-run newspaper as being fought by “American imperialist bastards,” but no additional messages were sent to the United States, South Korea, or other foes.

“Today’s military parade is a proud benediction that shows the immortal feats of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WKP), which raised the country’s military prowess of victory and invincibility — that will sweep out all the evils and forces of injustice from this planet,” the report states.

Kim Jong military parade


Wednesday’s parade heavily focused on honoring older generations that contributed to “strengthening the history of” military development in North Korea, according to state media. Some soldiers marching in the parade held up portraits of deceased commanders.

Photos published in the Rodong Sinmun also showed that multiple other units paraded through the square, including military officials riding white horses and the soldiers that contributed to the anti-epidemic against an outbreak of COVID-19 last year.

Kim Jong military parade

North Korean air force soldiers parachuted into Kim Il Sung Square toward the start of the event, as the DPRK and Workers’ Party of Korea flags fluttered behind them, according to state media.

Marchers reportedly formed the shape of a star and the numbers “2.8” and “75” marking the anniversary. Illuminated aircraft also formed a star and the number “75” as they conducted flyovers, consistent with video of apparent training flights. 

Kim Jong military parade

The daughter’s initial reveal and repeated appearances since have led some experts to speculate that Kim Jong Un has designated her as his heir and is publicly signaling that she will one day take power.

However, North Korean media has never referred to the daughter as the leader’s successor or even confirmed her name, which is reportedly Kim Ju Ae. Some experts argue that her appearances are more about underlining Kim’s desire to protect future generations with nuclear missiles and other military capabilities.

South Korea’s spy agency has recently leaned toward this view and has reported that Kim likely has an elder son.





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