In Turkey earthquake, all buildings collapsed, kill more than 100


A powerful earthquake struck a large area in south-eastern Turkey near the Syrian border, killing over 100 people and trapping many more.

The 7.8 magnitude tremor struck at 04:17 local time (01:17 GMT) at a depth of 17.9km (11 miles) near the city of Gaziantep, according to the US Geological Survey.

So far, officials in Turkey have confirmed 76 deaths and 10 cities, including Diyarbakir.

According to state media, more than 50 people were killed in Syria.

There are fears that the death toll will skyrocket in the coming hours.

Many buildings have collapsed, and rescue teams have been dispatched to look for survivors among the rubble.

Turkish Interior Minister Suleymon Soylu said 10 cities were affected: Gaziantep, Kahramanmaras, Hatay, Osmaniye, Adiyaman, Malatya, Sanliurfa, Adana, Diyarbakir and Kilis.

In Malatya province, north-east of Gaziantep, at least 23 people were killed, local officials said. In Sanliurfa, to the east, there were 17 deaths. And more deaths were reported in Diyarbakir and Osmaniye.

About 440 people were injured.

In Syria, state media reported many deaths in the regions of Aleppo, Hama and Latakia.

Turkish seismologists estimated the strength of the quake to be 7.4 magnitudes. They said that a second tremor hit the region just minutes later.

Turkey lies in one of the world’s most active earthquake zones.

In 1999, more than 17,000 people were killed after a powerful tremor rocked the northwest of the country.





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