BJP instructed its councilors to delay MCD mayor polls: Sisodia


 MCD mayor polls: Manish Sisodia, the deputy chief minister of Delhi, claimed the BJP had told its council members to stir up trouble like the last time to delay the mayoral elections ahead of Monday’s MCD House session.

Responding, Virendra Sachdeva, working president of the Delhi BJP, claimed that the AAP had instructed its councilors to adjourn the House and that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal would held accountable.

After two failed attempts to elect the city’s mayor, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) House scheduled to meet later in the day.

The first two sessions of  MCD mayor polls held on January 6 and January 24 — were adjourned by the presiding officer without electing a mayor following a ruckus and acrimonious exchanges between the members of the BJP and the AAP.

“The BJP has instructed its councilors to stall the mayoral election again today. They have told to create a ruckus on some pretext as soon as the House convenes. The presiding officer will again adjourn the House indefinitely like the last time. The LG will again set a date for 20 days later,” Sisodia said in a tweet in Hindi.

Hitting back, BJP’s Sachdeva said Kejriwal will be responsible if the House adjourned on Monday.

The AAP has instructed its councilors to adjourn the House by raising a commotion over any issue because it does not trust its majority. Arvind Kejriwal will held accountable if the House adjourned today, the BJP leader said.

The Delhi Municipal Corporation (DMC) Act, 1957 stipulates that the mayor and deputy mayor must chosen during the very first House session following the municipal elections. However, two months have passed since the December 4 municipal elections, and Delhi still lacks a mayor.






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