Viral Video: How South Korean Woman Reacts After Eating Pulse Indian Candy


The general expectation when it comes to the taste of any toffee or candy is that it will be sweet. Several of the candies, however, are well known for their unusual, acidic flavours. These tangy candies are popular in India. There are many tangy candies popular in India, but pulse candy has remained at the top. See How South Korean Woman Reacts After Eating Pulse Indian Candy.

After hearing about the tangy Pulse candy’s popularity in India, a South Korean woman named Hyojeong Park, who is also a video blogger and social media influencer, recently gave it a try. She recorded and posted about her hilarious experience online.

While sharing the post on Instagram, she wrote the caption, “Indian candy makes me cry.”

The video received a lot of attention and about 1 million views on Instagram as a result of the social media influencer’s positive response. Interesting comments were made in the comments section as well.

“Indians used to carry it in every bag or pocket… and eat it anywhere, especially when traveling,” one user remarked.





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