President Murmu says: India is more politically stable than other countries


Economic survey 2023: President Murmu said the people of the country will have to make an Indian that is self-reliant by 2047.

President Droupadi Murmu addressed the joint sitting of the two Houses ahead of Parliament’s Budget session on Tuesday. This was President Murmu’s first address to the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha joint sitting since taking office in July.

Murmu stated that the people of India must create a self-sufficient India by 2047, the country’s 100th year of independence.

“By 2047, we have to build a nation that will connected to the pride of the past and which will have all the golden chapters of modernity. We have to build an India that will be ‘Aatmanirbhar’ and capable of fulfilling its humanitarian duties,” the president said in her address.

“In the nearly nine years of my government, the people of India have witnessed many positive changes for the first time. The biggest change has happened that today the confidence of every Indian is on top and the world has changed its view of India,” she said.

“Today, through this session, I express my gratitude to the countrymen that they have elected a stable government for two consecutive terms. My government always kept the country’s interest paramount, and showed the will to completely change the policy-strategy,” she said.

Murmu also said this 25-year period of Amritkal is the golden century of independence and the period of building a developed India. “These 25 years are for all of us and for every citizen of the country to show the culmination of our duties,” she said.

On the government’s fight against corruption, Murmu said, “My government is of the clear opinion that corruption is the biggest enemy of democracy and social justice. That’s why a continuous fight against corruption has been going on for the past years. We have ensured that honesty will respected in the system.”

“The benefit of a stable and decisive government is reaped by us against the biggest crisis in 100 years and in tackling the situation that arose after it,” the president.

She said the government is of the clear opinion that corruption is the biggest enemy of democracy and social justice. “To seize the property of fugitive economic offenders, my government passed the Fugitive Economic Offenders Act,” Murmu said.





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