Kapil Sharma is set to make his singing debut with…

Kapil Sharma is set to make his singing debut with…

Kapil Sharma, the comedian, and the host is set to make his singing debut in a collaboration with popular Punjabi singer Guru Randhawa. The two will release a single titled “Alone” later this year. This exciting news has already been praised by singer Mika Singh who has referred to the collaboration as “two rock stars in one frame”.

Kapil Sharma has been entertaining audiences with his quick wit and comedic timing for many years.

He has become a household name in India due to his work on various comedy shows and films.

This new project, however, is a departure from his usual comedic endeavors, and fans are eagerly anticipating his first foray into the world of music.

Guru Randhawa, on the other hand, is one of India’s most popular Punjabi singers, with several chart-topping songs and a sizable fan base.

His distinct musical style and soulful voice have earned him critical acclaim and numerous awards.

With their upcoming single “Alone,” Kapil and Guru are sure to create magic. Mika Singh’s enthusiasm for this project only heightens the anticipation for its release. Fans of both Kapil and Guru are excited to see what this collaboration has in store for them.


Q1. Who has praised the collaboration of Kapil Sharma and Guru Randhawa?

Bollywood singer Mika Singh has praised Kapil Sharma and Guru Randhawa’s collaboration, calling them “two rock stars in one frame”.

Q2. What is Kapil Sharma’s most recent endeavor?

Kapil Sharma is making his singing debut with Guru Randhawa, a popular Punjabi singer.

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