What should investors do with their Adani’s Stock? Sanjiv Bhasin answers


“It is entirely up to the investor. We will not attempt to influence this. We believe the group has merit, and we believe the long-term prospects are very promising. Without debt, it is impossible to achieve the type of infrastructure growth that they have. “I would definitely recommend a buy, at least in the FPO, and Ambuja and the ports look very appealing at this price,” says Sanjiv Bhasin on Adani’s Stock.

That’s a million-dollar question. Hindenburg arrives and upsets the market, based on a report from five analysts I’ve never heard of.

They arrive on the expiry date and inform them that they are insufficient. Everything is planned. Whatever the outcome, it demonstrates how to open insider trading right now.

SEBI and stock exchanges should investigate who initiated this and where the call writing and put writing, and thus the options market, were located.

On Wednesday, Rs 300 lakh crore was the only option out of a total turnover of Rs 400 lakh crore. On a more positive note, the group’s assets are very good, and there is no sovereign risk over here. LIC and the other banks are fine in my opinion.

There will always be uncertainty when a group’s market cap exceeds Rs 20 lakh crore in the last five years, but it is due to existing businesses.

As a result, the debate continues. I would give Adani a subscription over here. A disclosure, we have no holdings in Adani.

Globally, India has underperformed this month, and it is time to put your money where your mouth is.

I don’t see any negative changes coming to the LTCG, and if anything, there may be more proponents of capex and other things because the government has a much better balance sheet than before.

I’d say this is the calm before the storm of buying what you want because the money that was supposed to go to China has already gone. I would subscribe to Adani.






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