Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023 key highlights


Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023: PM Modi interacted with students, and teachers and gave them his tips on how to deal with exam stress, student-teacher connection, social media distractions, and more. 

PM Modi‘s PPC 2023 concludes. Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the event interacted with students, teachers, and parents and gave them tips on how to reduce stress, overcome social media distractions, deal with criticism, and more. 

He also answered questions raised by teachers at the event.

Around 38 lakh students have registered for the PPC 2023 this year. According to the Education Minister, 20 lakh questions have been received, and NCERT has shortlisted questions on topics ranging from family pressure, stress management, unfair means prevention, how to stay healthy and fit, and career selection.

He said that Pariksha Pe Charcha is my examination too. Lakhs of students from across India are taking my examination too. I am happy and excited too.

How to avoid cheating in examinations, students seek PM’s advise

Some students are very creative in how they can use unfair means in the examination. They should use this creativity while studying. These days you are to appear in examinations at every step at how many places you would cheat. We need to make it a practice not to do cheating, said PM

Your inner strength will take you ahead: PM Modi

PM Modi: Give the first 30 minutes to the subject which interests you least and the last 30 minutes to the subject you like the most. Learn from your mother how she manages things while doing household work.

When ordinary people do unusual things, they break the standards of Everest’s heights: PM Modi

Pariksha Pe Charcha 6.0: Which is better, Hard work or smart work, asks students.

He said no matter what, your hard work will never go down the drain. Some people do only hard work. Some do smart work, some do nothing while students who do hard work will achieve heights in their life.

The Prime Minister said that once a person’s car broke down. He kept pushing for hours but the car would not start. He called a mechanic who fixed the car in 2 minutes and asked for Rs.200. The person said how 200 rupees for 2 minutes works. The mechanic said that Rs 200 is not for 2 minutes but for 20 years of experience.

Don’t get distracted by criticisms, it gives strength: PM

Don’t become a slave to gadgets: Modi

How to overcome stress after exams: Nida’s question from Jammu

Learn to face the truth, we should give correct information to our parents about how our exam was. Should not misguide them by saying my exam was very good or I will do this, I will do that, or I will get so many marks. No exam is final, we have to take a pledge to get rid of this tension.

Learn more than one language: PM Modi

India is a country full of diversity. We have many languages. Communication is a great power. Just as we think that we should learn piano or tabla, similarly we should learn the language of any of our neighboring states.

Tamil is the oldest language in the world: PM Modi

The PM said, should the country which has the world’s most ancient language be proud or not? Do you know that our Tamil language is the oldest in the world? We have such a huge heritage. It is a matter of pride. People of North India eat dosa very comfortably. Poori sabzi is eaten with relish in the south. As easily as other things come, language should also come easily.







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