Bigg Boss 16: Anil Kapoor flirtatiously flirts with Archu aka Archana.


In tonight’s episode, Anil Kapoor will enter the Bigg Boss 16 house. While Archana Gautam will get a romantic surprise, the other housemates will get to play a task.

Archana Gautam told Salman Khan about her dream of a handsome young man coming from behind and holding her while she cooks in the kitchen before entering the Bigg Boss 16 house as a contestant. In tonight’s episode, her dream will be realized. Anil Kapoor, the evergreen superstar, will enter the BB house as a guest and will hilariously flirt with ‘Archu’. He’ll ask her to recite a shayari for him, and Farah Khan will tell Anil to go behind her back and hold her. Archana will end up blushing delightfully!

Kartik Aaryan will also reenact the romantic kitchen scene with Archana, but she will confuse everyone by calling him ‘bhaiya’. However, tonight’s Weekend Ka Vaar will not be all fun and games. This is due to Anil’s special task in the BB house to promote his upcoming film The Night Manager. The actor will ask the housemates to select a contestant who they believe is a manager who manages others. Shiv Thakare will be chosen by Archana and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary as his mandali’s manager.

Sumbul Touqeer Khan and Shiv Thakare, on the other hand, will assert that Priyanka is in charge of Archana and Tina Datta. Meanwhile, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia will claim that she told Priyanka last week about Tina’s use of people and her own. However, Nimrit now believes that Priyanka is in charge of Tina. Many of Priyanka’s fans expressed their support for her in the comments section below. “Jab priyanka manage kar rahe hai..toh baki sab se powerful hai..winner quality hai bhaiya,” one commenter said, while another added, “Mandali yaha khud ghar ghar khel rahi hai… and chali priyanka ko target karne.”

As a member of the audience, who would you pick as the contestant who acts as the manager of others?





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