PM Modi tells BJP leaders amid Pathaan conflict, ‘Refrain from making unnecessary comments about movies’


 PM Modi today asked Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders to refrain from making unnecessary comments on movies because they put the party’s development agenda on hold.

The Prime Minister remarked today while speaking to party workers on the second and final day of the BJP’s National Executive Meeting in Delhi. PM Modi stated that while everyone in the party works hard, some people make comments about a movie, and the entire plot changes.

The Prime Minister’s directive to BJP workers comes amid growing calls to ban the Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone film ‘Pathaan,’ which has riled several BJP leaders, including Narottam Mishra and Ram Kadam.

Ram Kadam, a BJP MLA, stated that no film insulting Hindutva will be tolerated. He claimed that Hindu organizations, including saints, and “millions of people” have strongly opposed the film on social media. Ram Kadam went on to say that the ‘JNU Dharis’ are out to insult the ‘Janeu Dharis,’ and that they will not allow any anti-Hindu film to released in the state.

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra had also objected to Padukone’s costume in the song of “Pathaan” and also frowned upon the color of the attire of Padukone and lead actor Shah Rukh Khan, calling for its “rectification”. He warned that if the objectionable scenes not removed, a film ban would considered.

PM Modi message to BJP workers:

Furthermore, he stated that all party workers must work hard and should not have the mindset that “if Modi comes (to campaign), we will win.” He also stated that there are only 400 days until the 2024 General Elections, and it is critical for workers to go out and tell people that the “Modi government did a surgical strike because you elected him.”

Meanwhile, BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis revealed that PM Modi emphasized that youth aged 18-25 did not witness the previous government’s misgovernance and that India has now moved to good governance under the current government. As a result, youth must educated about it.

To connect people with the party, the BJP will run ‘BJP Jodo’ campaigns. During the BJP national executive meeting, PM Modi stated that BJP workers must forge connections with all sections of society with sensitivity and not do anything for votes but to bring about change in the country.

According to PM Modi, the BJP is no longer just a political movement, but also a social movement working to improve socioeconomic conditions.

The Prime Minister stated that India’s best era is approaching and that the party should devote itself to the country’s development and transform “amrit kaal,” the 25 year period ending in 2047, into “kartavya kaal” (era of duties).






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