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What qualities should we have to become a professional real estate consultant? From the words of Samieh Firoozi, who has the most reliable real estate consulting.

Despite the ever-increasing growth of smart real estate search platforms, some people are still looking for a professional real estate agent to conduct real estate transactions. Also, with the boom of the real estate market in the last few years, the role of a real estate consultant in real estate transactions has become more prominent than before. A real estate consultant must have many skills and characteristics in his field of work in order to be more successful than his competitors and progress in his field of work. In this article, we discuss the skills and techniques required for a professional real estate consultant.
How to become a successful real estate agent?
Appearance beauty
The most important thing before any action for a successful real estate agent is a neat appearance. Grooming and the way to wear appropriate and fragrant clothes are very effective in the mind of the customer and even the owners. The results of a recently conducted research have shown that the nicer the real estate agent is and the more polished his appearance, the higher the possibility of selling the property at a higher price.

Reading the customer’s mind
Today, due to everyone’s access to the Internet and the existence of smart property search platforms, public awareness about real estate, real estate transactions, and prices has increased. This means that the parties to the transaction are not blindfolded, and the real estate consultant must have sufficient and accurate information to convince them.

For example, a good real estate agent must understand the client’s motivation for selling. He must ask himself, is this client selling the property to buy another property, or is he wanting to invest? A good consultant should know that the wishes of a client who has several houses and intends to sell one of them are different from the wishes of another who has only one house and lives in it with his family and wants to sell his residence. A good consultant should distinguish between different cases and act according to the conditions of each case.

One of the most important characteristics of a real estate consultant is that he must be honest in his work. When you don’t have an answer to a question, don’t pretend you know the answer. In real estate consulting, the best asset is a good name. A good realtor does not lie to the client. Instead, it tries to find the correct answer and takes the necessary action

up to date
In order to attract clients, a successful real estate agent, in addition to having traditional skills, must keep himself updated and informed and expand his knowledge in the field of real estate. For example, the:

Advising clients on market conditions and pricing
Advising buyers and sellers to sell property or choose a suitable home
Guiding the transaction parties with conventional and market documents and convincing them
Knowledge of the state of real estate and advertisements in the desired area and the ability to analyze and predict changes
Knowledge of property and legal laws and notes
Expanding the circle of public information
A trained consultant does not offer only one solution when giving advice, in fact, the consultant’s hand should be full of various solutions. For example, the property portfolio offered to the customer should include various properties in the declared price range. This issue makes the customer confident in the information elite of the consultant.





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