Samieh Firoozi

Samieh Firoozi, a successful entrepreneur, pointed out some points about the characteristics of a professional entrepreneur

Samieh Firoozi

Self-reliance is one of the first characteristics of an entrepreneur. With the help of this force, the entrepreneur can fight against difficulties. Therefore, if you want to be an entrepreneur, you must strengthen this ability in yourself.

  • The need to do and get is another characteristic of an entrepreneur. Such people constantly need to create a product or service. From the simplest type, for example, in household activities to the most complex tasks that may be required in the production of a product or service.
  • Using maximum efficiency is another characteristic of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur always wants to make the best use of his time.
  • Risk tolerance is another characteristic of such people. An entrepreneur can accept and bear the risk of failure. This risk may be financial or reputational or the loss of many things that ordinary people have in their lives.
  • They are hunters of opportunities. An entrepreneur can easily differentiate between a featureless event and another that has an opportunity for prosperity, and hunt the latter.
  • The need for constant progress is one of the other characteristics of this maple. Even when the entrepreneur starts the economic activity, he does not stop, he likes to achieve new developments every day.
  • The entrepreneur has a high ability to control himself. Research shows that most entrepreneurs control themselves more than they can control and manage the external environment. The side effect of this property can be the power to control the environment.
  • They always look at the goal and day and night they think about reaching the goal. Note that it is difficult for many people to focus on the goal. They often think about what they are doing and not the goal.
  • The entrepreneur has the ability to identify priorities. He knows well what to do, when to do it, and he is ready to fight with others over it.

Optimism is one of the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur. That’s why many entrepreneurs are young, because they are usually optimistic about everything. The entrepreneur fights to overcome the problem without distorting his mind. Even if the problem is big, he says to himself, “Now If it cannot be solved, I will do something else and come back to it later.”

Courage is another characteristic of an entrepreneur. Note that risk tolerance is very different from courage, pay attention to this example. Consider an entrepreneurial manager of a company. He is constantly making changes in the company to get closer to his goals. If he fails, he has to pay the risk – that is, the cost – assuming that he has money and facilities and pays. What this person needs is a trait called “courage”. He must have the heart to make these changes and somehow play with his destiny, employees and the company.

  • An entrepreneur usually has a high tolerance. This tolerance starts from work issues and will certainly be extended to issues that will undoubtedly occur in his community or family. Endurance creates attraction while lack of it fascinates. A simple example is that a person who does not have a high tolerance usually works in a government company – which has a high tolerance and vitality – working normally and without movement.






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